Kenwood BLP400WH Blend-X Fresh Table Blender

Kenwood BLP400WH Blend-X Fresh Table Blender

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The Kenwood BLP400WH Blend-X fresh table blender helps you create delicious smoothies and milkshakes every single day. It comes in a classic white finish and its 2-liter capacity is perfect for the whole family’s blending needs. The three-speed 650W powerful motor blends your ingredients thoroughly and the pulse function offers an extra burst of power.
The stainless steel MultiZone blades make sure that the ingredients come into contact with the blades much more than with a normal blender. Plus, once you’re finished, they can be easily removed and cleaned. Last but not least, the safety interlock feature keeps the blender secure while you’re using it. Simply outstanding!

Product features:

•    650W motor.
•    Three speeds & pulse function.
•    2-liter capacity.
•    MultiZone stainless steel blades.
•    Dishwasher safe parts.
•    Safety interlock system keeps the blender secure while being used.
•    Ice crush function.

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