George Foreman 23411 Compact 3-Portion Grill

George Foreman 23411 Compact 3-Portion Grill

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The George Foreman 23411 Compact 3-Portion Grill is your new kitchen essential. It comes with a variable temperature control that allows you to grill perfect and delicious meals. The non-stick plates and the compact size make it easy to clean and store.
Use it flat for paninis and sandwiches or angled when you cook meat to guide the grease into the special dripping tray that can easily be removed and washed (even in the dishwasher). This feature ensures that you and your family will enjoy a healthy, low-fat delicious meal. Also, the floating hinge offers the possibility to cook thicker cuts of meat. It’s a dream come true!

Product features:

•    Three-portion grill with variable temperature control.
•    Temperature ready indicator.
•    Floating hinge cooks thicker food evenly and properly.
•    Improved 3x longer lasting non-stick plates.
•    Fat drains easily into a washable dripping tray.
•    Vertical storage to save space.

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