Kenwood BL237WG Blend-XTRACT lender

Kenwood BL237WG Blend-XTRACT lender

Kenwood BL237WG Blend-XTRACT lender

  • Brand:Kenwood
  • Product Code: BL237WG
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The Kenwood Blend-XTRACT 3-in-1 BL237WG blender creates delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich blends for you to enjoy on the go. It comes with a mill for chopping various types of seeds, nuts, herbs and coffee beans and a jug for making larger smoothies. The accessible travel beaker allows you to enjoy your healthy smoothie at home or on the go. This blender was specially designed to fit smaller kitchens but it has everything you need for a fast mix of your favorite ingredients. It has two blending speeds and a pulse option that help you achieve the perfect consistency in a heartbeat. Compact, practical and chic!

Product features:

•    Compact design to fit even the smallest kitchens.
•    Two variable speed settings & pulse function.
•    Plastic jug.
•    Capacity – 1 liter.
•    Removable stainless steel blades.
•    Double action blade – vertical & horizontal cuts.
•    Handy travel beaker.
•    Dishwasher safe parts.

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