Braun LS5100 SilkandSoft Shaver

Braun LS5100 SilkandSoft Shaver

Braun LS5100 SilkandSoft Shaver

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The Braun LS5100 Silk&Soft Shaver is able to follow the contours of your body for a smooth and comfortable shave. The Braun LS5100 features an integrated softstrip which stretches the skin for an even closer shave while lifting even the smallest of problem hairs.  The shaver also has a smooth rounded head allowing it glide easily over your skin, it can shave underarms, legs and bikini lines comfortably. There is an optishave attachment specifically for the legs, using an optimal cutting angle for comfort. As well as this, there is a fine line 4mm trimmer attachment for the sensitive bikini area too.

Product Features:

•    Rechargeable ladies shaver
•    Rounded head follows contours of your skin
•    Integrated softstrip stretches the skin for comfort
•    Optishave attachment for legs
•    4mm trimmer attachment for bikini line

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