Wahl 4296-027 Full-Size Massager

Wahl 4296-027 Full-Size Massager

Wahl 4296-027 Full-Size Massager

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The Wahl 4296-027 Full-Size massager brings a lot of comfort and relaxation in your life due to its numerous amazing features. The motor is located in the head of the massager to deliver maximum massage and vibration power. The massager has two speed settings and a flexible neck that you can freely adjust for a soothing and relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage, according to your current needs. This makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to use. The three attachments offer three completely different massage experiences. The smooth attachment offers a relaxing and soft massage. Then, the kneading massage attachment has larger ridges and offers a deep but comforting massage. Last but not least, the deep massage attachment has long prongs to dig deep into your muscles and offer an amazing deep tissue massage. Each one of the attachments comes with a rubberized ring surface to offer a variation of that particular massage. You need to try it!

Product features:

•    Two speed settings
•    Low speed for gentle & soothing relief
•    High speed for intense & deep tissue massage
•    Flexible neck
•    The motor is located at the top part to ensure maximum power
•    Three different attachments – smooth, kneading & deep head

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