Philips GC2040/20 Easy Speed Steam Iron

Philips GC2040/20 Easy Speed Steam Iron

Philips GC2040/20 Easy Speed Steam Iron

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The Philips GC2040/20 easy speed steam iron can be used vertically due to its powerful steam that will iron out creases from curtains, jackets or dresses that could use a refresh. Its soleplate is coated with a special non-stick layer for safe ironing and an excellent gliding performance on every type of material. Besides that, the Triple precision tip enables you to reach some tricky areas like around the buttons or between the pleats. The drip stop system allows you to securely iron delicate materials at low temperatures and the spray function creates a fine mist that helps you even out those stubborn creases. On top of that, the easy self-clean calc feature will remove the scale in less than one minute. This ensures durability and optimum performance over time. How can you resist?

Product features:

•    2100 W Power
•    Continuous steam output – 30 g/m
•    Fast steam boost – 100 g/m
•    Vertical steam for removing creases in hanging materials
•    Drip-stop system – safely iron delicate materials
•    Triple precision tip – for those stubborn areas
•    Calc-clean slider removes limescale build-up
•    The spray function – fine mist to soften the creases

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