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  • 02 Oct 2019

From its beginning in the early 1800s as an arms manufacturer, Remington has come a long way. Today its a well established name in the world of grooming products. This well know name in style and grooming began in 1937 when Remington Rand (a manufacturer of office equipment) branched out into Electric shavers with the development of the Remington model E. This was an innovative time and Remington introduced the world to the first ever dry electric shaver, a development which led to an evolution of this line of products. Along the way, Remington developed new ideas and advancments. Building on the age old wisdom of "two heads are better then one", Remington designed a shaver in the 1940s with dual shaver heads, it was so populare that several airlines offerd them to be used by passengers during flights.

Overtime, Remington made further innovations to its shaver line adding extra heads for an even closer shave, icnreasing the quality of the shave while cutting down time. In the 50s, Remington branched out into the ladies market and introduced the Remington Princess. The 1960s saw an advancment that would forever change the world of personal grooming, the development of the first portable electric shavers, these were powered by Nickel Cadmium batteries and offered up to 2 days worth of convenient shaving anywhere. The 70s saw further improvments in the shaving technology of Remington with the introduction of the first foil shaver head for an even closer shave. During the 80s, Remington developed shavers with rotary heads and with advancments in battery technology, these became more versatile over time.

With the turn of the century, Remington began investing in improved technology such as Lithium battery packs for greater performance and battery life as well as utilising titanium in their shaving heads for durability and greater precision.

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