A peek into our Russell Hobbs Kettle collection

  • 19 Sep 2019

Whether you are looking for a kettle to just boil water for your daily tea of coffee, or you're looking for an appliances that matches the sleek layout and design of your kitchen - Russell hobbs no doubt offers a wide variety. At Bargainpod, we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of kettles from Russell Hobbs and cater to wide varirty of tastes and requirements.

The Inspire range for example offers an attractive molded finish in several colours, have a look at our Russell Hobbs 24362 in stunning red - click here. If you would prefer a metallic finish, a fine example is the colour plus range - the Russell Hobbs 20414 with its sleek grey finish will certainly fit in well into any modern stylish kitchen - click here

Nowadays, many of us are concerned about keeping our energy and water consumption down and helping the environment, Russell Hobbs kettles help here with their rapid boil, reducing the time and energy consumed in making your favourite hot beverage.

Whatever you're looking for in your new kettle, you can rest assured that Bargainpod offers a wide variety of kettles to meet your needs.


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