Save money on your heating - Tuya Smart Radiator Valves

  • 01 Sep 2023

In these times of ecenomic uncertainty, its more important than ever to be able to save money where ever possible. This is particularly true in it comes to saving on your Heating in the Winter. With the cost of energy going up, households are finding it ever difficult to keep themselves warm during the cold weather months. Thankfully, there is now a Smart Heating solution which can help you make significant savings on your heating bill.

This solution is the Tuya Zigbee Smart TRV Valve. What is this you might ask? The Zigbee Smart Radiator Valve Allows you to control individual radiators, so you never heat an unused room. Why is important you may ask? In conventional central heating, you only have one thermostat. This thermostat adjusts your central heating based upon its current location. It doesn't take into account the temperature in individual rooms. Whats more, rooms are heated irrespective of if they're occupied or not - this wastes significant amounts of energy.

The Tuya Zigbee Smart TRV Valve allows you to control individual radiators around your home, now you have a thermostat in every room. The Smart TRVs have temperature senors that accurately measure the temperature in your room and allow you to adjust the radiator. You can completely automate the heating schedule around your routine as well, so your room is only heated when you're using it. These Smart Radiator Valves help you make significant savings on your heating bill and a must for any home with radiators!



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