Wahl ZX515 2-Slice White Toaster

Wahl ZX515 2-Slice White Toaster

Wahl ZX515 2-Slice White Toaster

  • Brand:Wahl
  • Product Code: ZX515
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The Wahl ZX515 2-Slice white toaster delivers perfectly toasted bread and it’s incredibly easy to use. The variable browning control and the smart LED indicators help you achieve a toast that’s browned to your taste every single time. Plus, the simple push-down handle will automatically pop up when the set time is completed.
Other options include the defrost, reheat and cancel functions which allow you to toast directly from the freezer, reheat already toasted slices of bread and pause the toasting process if you feel the bread is brown enough. Besides that, the removable crumb tray makes cleaning extremely easy and keeps your countertop neat and tidy. Easy and tasty breakfast every single morning!

Product features:

•    Variable browning control – 7 positions
•    Wide toasting slots
•    Defrost, reheat & cancel settings
•    Removable crumb tray
•    Automatic pop-up
•    LED light indicators

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