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Where you will find a wide choice of Smart Home Electrical Products at low prices with high quality.

We have a selection of Smart Home Devices to help you save money on your energy bills, automate the running of your households and help make your home more secure.

Within our range, we have Tuya Zigbee Smart Thermostats. These clever devices allow you to manage your heating across different rooms within your home, so you only heat areas of your home when in use – saving you significantly on your monthly heating. With the smart thermostat, you can automate and manage your home heating from anywhere with a network connection via the versatile “Smart Life App”.

Apart from Smart Thermostats, we also have a selection of home security products to keep your home safe. Included are Smart Doorbells that allow you to monitor your door from anywhere with an Internet connection via the Smart Life App with full HD video. Never miss a delivery, ensure your home and family are safe when you’re away or simply know who’s at the door before opening! Alongside this, we also have Smart IP Cameras that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, keep your family safe or just keep an eye on things. These devices offer HD quality video and can even be made to pan and tilt remotely for maximum versatility.


Finally, we have Smart Sockets to help you automate home processes. Switch on lights or automate lightings using a selection of timing functions via the Smart Life App. Switch on your choice of appliance when needed or to your schedule. These versatile devices plug into any regular socket to turn it into a Smart Socket with ease!

We here at Bargainpod believe that Buying online isn't simply about providing the customer with Quality Brand Name Products at Competitive prices, we believe the customer should be made to feel that they are being looked after the whole way through. So why should you buy from us instead of the high street retailers? From the moment you place your order, you can rest assured that we will be working towards processing and dispatching your order to you as soon as possible. We shall keep you updated on the progress of your order and provide any Tracking information that may be required. Once you have received your order, you can be reassured that it comes with a full 7 day Refund Policy and that your product is covered by a Minimal One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. So, if your Product develops a fault within the warranty period, we shall replace it at no extra cost to you. We’ll endeavour to replace any faulty item within the first year of warranty.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Our email address can be found by clicking on "contact us".